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For additional information or to book The Bodleys for your business or event:

Contact John Stradley ~

We are always on the lookout for prospective venues for The Bodleys.  We cover a variety of blues, country, folk, and rock songs from artists that range from Johnny Cash to The Doobie Brothers to Tom Petty to R.E.M. to Sublime.   The set list is heavy on the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, but an occasional contemporary tune seasons the mix. Ours is exactly the type of ensemble that works well for venues and events that desire both good music and an atmosphere for good conversation.

Our acoustic group is comprised of a lead guitarist/vocalist, a lead & rhythm guitarist/vocalist, a rhythm guitarist/vocalist, a fiddle player/vocalist, and percussionist/vocalist. Depending on the venue’s performance space, our versatility allows us to perform capably as a trio, a quartet, or a quintet.  If we are to perform as a quartet or quintet, one of our guitarists can hold down the bottom end on bass.  We do amplify our instruments and vocal microphones, but the levels are those of the comfortable volume associated with background music rather than those of a headlining group. Such volume is quite conducive to the conversation of patrons or party guests.

In our four years as a going concern, we have performed at venues ranging from micro-breweries to gastro pubs to wine bars to mountain lodges.  Mouse clicks on the “Archives” and “Lives of The Bodleys” links above will provide a sense of who we are and where we have performed.  As the ensemble’s eclectic blues, country, folk, and rock set list seems to mark the decades pretty well, The Bodleys have played more than a few 50th birthday and anniversary celebrations.  Consequently, we have been open to playing backyard parties or rented halls.

We are interested in exploring the possibility of playing at your business or event.  We ask for only reasonable compensation based on the venue and upon the logistical investment the location demands. We generally have a tip jar on hand to offset the band’s miscellaneous and sundry expenses. Our 130+ song set list regularly provides from roughly two and a half hours to three hours of music (including 10 to 15-minute breaks each hour).  We have been known, on occasion, to do marathon performances lasting for as long as five hours.  If requested, a digital music demo is available for your review. Please see the archive link for images from past performances.

As this proposal will be of interest, please contact the following email address. Speaking on behalf of my band mates, I look forward to hearing from you.  We would greatly enjoy sharing our music with your patrons or event guests. – TB

For additional information or to book The Bodleys for your business or event:

Contact John Stradley ~

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